About Us

How can we say that you ask? Well all of our technicians were apprentices to Master Locksmiths when they were first learning the trades of this profession. Master Locksmiths are like the NFL players of our league; they are the best of the best when it comes to all things related to locksmithing. So the fact that our Coral Springs Locksmith technicians studied and learned the art of being a locksmith through these Master Locksmiths let’s us know that we have some of the best technicians around. Besides the fact that our technicians have trained under Master Locksmiths, they all also hold licenses. Licenses in this profession are not mandatory unless you reside in one of the fourteen states that require locksmith technicians to have one. Our technicians feel that by having their license it helps them get to the next level, and to us we believe that is shows their commitment and dedication to their profession.

Coral Springs Locksmith is always trying to find new ways to be there for our customers, because we just want to make sure that all of our customers and their families are safe. One of the things that we have done in effort to make sure that we can always take care of our customers is by always being open. Coral Springs Locksmith is open twenty-four seven, and we will continue to always be open because it seems to work in our customers favor. Over eighty percent of our customers that end up needing a night time service call admit that they never thought that they would need to use it, and that it was pointless. But the fact that they did in fact need a night time service, they have told us how grateful they are that we stay open all the time. When we say we are open all the time we mean it, we are open on holidays as well, we just power through the days and nights in order to better serve you.

Another thing that we have done at Coral Springs Locksmith to ensure that our customers are well take care of is that we offer competitive pricing. The reason why we decided that offering competitive pricing is smart is because one, our customers love it, and two, because we find it as a way to say thank you to our customers for their loyalty and service. Competitive pricing just ensures the fact that our customers know that they are getting the best price possible when it comes to locksmith services no matter what it is. It does not matter if you need something rekeyed or if you need a security system installed, our competitive pricing applies to you and your service. Coral Springs Locksmith is always open and we are always here for you.